Bilingual Voicemail Greetings & Message On Hold recording services

Order professional bilingual voicemail greetings today! Clients who require uniformity with their voicemail will be in heaven here. Achieving a desirable, professional image is easy when you select the right male or female voice over talent to represent your company to record your professional voicemail greetings. A pleasing male or female voice in Spanish & English, a great tone, a proper rhythm, and the right recording equipment are key. That is why we work with these exceptional male and female bilingual voice over talents who have state of the art home voice over studios to give your company the shine, polish and image it deserves.  At Bilingual Voicemail Recordings, you can count on the very best to let your customers in on just how exciting  and professional your company really is.

Our professional voicemail recordings are recorded in high resolution audio, and each file is edited by our professional engineers. Noises and breaths are removed and all pauses are manually adjusted for smooth playback. Our voicemail prompts also have consistent volume at all times (this is especially important for system prompts such as dates and numbers sets). Our voicemail recordings really do sound amazing over any phone system, whether yours is a hardware PBX, VOIP or Virtual PBX.

The voicemail recording service consists of:

  • Voicemail greeting/voicemail message
  • Auto attendant greetings
  • IVR phone recording
  • Voicemail marketing
  • Message on hold for dental offices
  • Medical voicemail greetings

Listen to Bilingual voicemail greeting examples here (USA):

Listen to Spanish voicemail greeting examples here (USA):

Listen to English voicemail greeting examples here (USA):

When you use our voicemail service, you’ll have access to:

  • Voicemail message script
  • Voicemail greeting examples
  • Spanish voicemail scripts
  • Auto attendant greeting examples

Spanish Voicemail Record your professional Spanish voicemail greetings. We work with bilingual voice over talents to create Bilingual Voicemail Greetings and Voice messages.

Receive .wav or .mp3 files within 24-72 hours. Secure payment by credit card. Have questions about how to get your voicemail greeting into your phone system? See our Voicemail FAQ here.